April 16 - 10:30 pm


April 17 - 12:00 pm

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Bridge to Nowhere Arts Association Inc.


Warnertown Oval Club Rooms, 913 Abattoirs Rd, Via Port Pirie. SA. 5540. Directions: When travelling South on Main Highway from Port Pirie, turn Right over the railway line at Warnertown. Travel around a right hand curve to see the sign Warnertown Oval ab

913 Abattoirs Road Old Warnertown Football Club Rooms, Warnertown, SA 5540

Warnertown, SA, AU, 5540

Begin with some quick chords, know your strings & play popular tunes within one lesson. A few classes – you’re ready to join our Uke groups.

It’s portable, its easy to learn and its fun to play and sing along. Arts Now Here has a large hall with plenty of space to social distance. Windows and doors are able to be opened to provide flow through air. Weather permitting we can use the verandah for our lessons to improve our COVID safety.

Members of Bridge To Nowhere ARts Association meet for music groups on Wednesdays – we have a Uke group, Folk Group, Mandolin Ensemble and BUSKERS group that you might chose to join once you feel confident.