Cheryl Fischer

Secretary, Artist and Musician.

Cheryl divides her time between caring & felting unique designs using environmentally friendly techniques. She lives on a small property in the foothills of the Flinders Ranges & had originally purchased two alpacas to look after their chookies & sheep. After a “Once in 100 Years” flood in February 2014, things flowed! Creeks, mud, debris & then ideas. Not wishing to waste beautiful fleeces each year, she put her creative juices to work by wet felting, needle & nuno felting all manner of items, gloves, hand bags, vests, cushion covers, furniture & hats. She enjoys doing everything naturally, using food dyes to enhance the felt work sits just as well as using the alpaca manure on the gardens! Hand felting the fleeces from a slightly bigger herd now fits in with her notion of caring for the environment. Besides her work with Bridge To Nowhere Arts Association Incorporated, Cheryl belongs to a spinners & felting group with Scratch@Itch, the Platform Gallery, Port Augusta and Fibrespace in the North of South Australia. Regional Art Award -” A Brush With Art” 2015 Judges awarded Cheryl a First Prize for her authentic artistic talents in the “Margarita” bolero and a Certificate of Merit for her “Cape Coral” woolen cape garments.

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